Monday, 12 March 2018

Getting scrappy with it

Helloooooo Blog land.  Long time no blog.  The last twelve months have brought with it a lot of adventures, but I am glad to be back here.

Back when I first started paper crafting (about 13 years ago), I first learned how to do scrap booking and then moved onto card making.  There are some ladies in my craft group on Facebook who are interested in giving scrapping a go, so I thought I would type up some thoughts, tips and ideas.

Okay, so what is scrap booking? 

My explanation is this: It is a way of preserving photos and telling a story.  Pages (like the one seen above) can be and often are called layouts.  You can make single or double page layouts.  We will get to double page layouts at a later date.

I was lucky enough to teach a bit of crafting a few years ago and in the workshop where we did a layout, I explained that Scrap booking is like making a big card.  The photo is your focal point or topper, the title is like your sentiment and the rest is just decoration.

You can add a section for journalling (writing about who is in the photo and what is happening) if you like.  Not all scrappers do it. 
I have learned some new info about journalling so I am going to follow this section up in a later post.

Sometimes I see a photo online that screams "do a layout" at me.  I do a little research to see if I can trace the originator so that I can credit them.  It's good manners, just like if you copy or are heavily inspired by someone else's layout.

Do I have to use 12x12" paper?

NO.  I started with 12x12" and it is my default out of habit, but you can make 8x8", 6x6" or even A4 layouts.  Work on the size that is comfortable for you and that suits your purse/wallet.

What do I do with my layouts after I make them?

This depends.  Some people frame them and put them on the wall and some like to put them into special albums.  (I will cover this at another time).

Knowing what you are going to do with your finished layout ahead of time will help you to decide what to put on it.  If you are going to put it into a scrapbook album, you will want to keep every thing you put on it fairly flat, but if you are putting it into a frame, especially a deep or box frame, you can go a lot more 3D with your embellishments and the number of layers that you add.

I plan for this to be an ongoing scrappy series, so if you have topics I can try to cover around scrapping, please leave me a comment or contact me via facebook.

Please remember that I am no expert and that scrap-booking isn't my main type of paper crafting.  (I'm more into mini albums).  I can only give you my take on it and how things work.

Topics I hope to include in this series include:
Double layouts
Scrapbook albums
Working with sketches
Creating your own back grounds.

I hope that this has all made sense.  There is so much I want to say, but I don't want to bore you silly or go one for hours.  So until next time...

Ny x