Sunday, 12 October 2014



Those of you that have been here before may know that I run a craft group on Facebook called
The group boasts over eighty members now and we run regular challenges.

Yesterday I challenged myself to make a card that would be suitable to enter three of the ones that we have running at the moment.

  • "Tag you're it"  Make something that includes a tag as part of the larger project
  • "Think Pink"  Make something that includes the colour pink somewhere on it and
  • "Inside and out card challenge"  Make a card that is decorated inside as well as out.
To make things a little more difficult for myself, I did an on the fly tutorial.  This was totally unplanned and I posted pictures with instructions as I went along.  I had two ladies following the tutorial from the get go, so I had to think fast.

This is the card that I made.

The ladies that were following along as I made it did their own versions and did an amazing job. Doing this tutorial on the fly was a lot of fun and I hope to be doing it again soon.  To join in the fun click here

I hear some paint and glue calling my name for another project.

I have loads more I need to share with you, so expect another post soon if all goes to plan.


Naomi x

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