Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mixing it up

I have 2 canvases on the go at the moment.  One for a challenge and a mixed media one that I am just playing with.

Today the mixed media one is claiming my attention.  It is 40x40 cm and so far I have covered it in hessian and painted it with acrylic gesso.

The faux leather is out and I have been doing some die cutting.  I'm aiming for a floral, kind of shabby look.  It will feature a photo of me.  I dodge the camera all the time, so there are not that may of me to chose from, but this one has a story.

I will add to this post as the day goes on if I make any progress.  I need to go play with my printer, because it is not giving me a clear print of the picture I want to use.


Naomi x

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