Thursday, 24 April 2014

Who are they?

I have been having a good chat with a couple of friends and the topic of discussion was "Who are your customers?"

In the past I have done a few custom orders, but most of my sales have come through craft fairs.  Craft fairs are a good way to get your hand made products out there, but unless you are selling in affluent areas, a lot of the clientele seem to be looking for a bargain and you can't really charge what you should.

One item can take me days to make as I only do one of a kinds.  I have to work out what I want to do and if I can't manage that, a plan B part way through.

I estimate that this box took four hours work total.  For the craft fairs that I have been selling at I would have charged a maximum of £10 for this, because I know it would be unlikely to sell for more.  That £10 price label suggests that I don't value my time as even if I don't include material costs, I am only paying myself £2.50 and hour. It also suggests that my hand made one of a kind item isn't worth much as I haven't placed a good value on it.

So am I a Primark, a John Lewis or a Harrods?  I think I am pricing like a Primark when I am actually a John Lewis, but I am working my way up to being a Harrods.

I'm going to have a good think about what my time and my products are worth and start pricing the way I should.  I am going to take another look at who I sell to currently and who I actually want to sell to and how to get into that market.

So in my plan now is a new website showing off my makes in a better way (Facebook page just isn't offering what I want).  I also need to find new avenues to sell through and a new market to aim for.  Watch this space :D


Naomi x

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  1. Well done Naomi, too few crafters think about their hours when pricing up their wonderful work. The clientele you need are those who will tell you "you aren't charging enough" or gasp when you tell them a price because they expected more and were prepared to pay more. Everything you sell is a one of a kind and unique because no two pieces can ever be completely identical and as such your price should reflect that. Love your work xxx