Friday, 9 May 2014

.....and I'm feeling goooooood

This morning I popped in to see my friend Sharon.  We have known each other for years having met at the computer fairs when her hubby and my then partner both used to work the circuit.

I'm lucky enough so have some good friends who make me think about myself and what I want from myself and the world.  Today's visit with her got me thinking about why I craft.

I love it.  It is that simple. The act of making something new, coming up with a concept and carrying it through even changing it as you go is so wonderful.  I learn from the disasters and delight in the things that go right.

Just thinking about making stuff is like a mental hug to me.  I love creating things and inventing new ideas.  I do make stuff that is inspired by other people or their makes, but as I don't use many tutorials, the challenge of working out how to do it is sometimes just as important as the end result.

I wont lie.  Having other people tell me that they like my makes does give me a boost.  My mum has some of my makes on display around her house.  I'm talking about cards that I made her years ago.  Makes me so happy that she likes them enough to still keep them.

I love to teach.  That light bulb moment when the other person gets it is amazing.  I remember teaching a client I was working with fractions.  He had gone through life being told he was stupid and I met him when he was 18 and doing a course where I worked.  He was so so so happy.  He went around teaching every one else in the room how to do fractions, whether they needed to be taught or not.  You just can't match that feeling.

As part of my admin job with Crafty Fairy Godmothers (link in the side bar on the right) I create tutorials for the members that teach them how to do things they may not have tried before.  Earlier this year we ran BAMP 1 (Build A Mini Project)  I was like a proud mama looking at what they had made using my ideas and instructions.  Some had never made a mini album before and here they were, not only having had made an album, but having changed the design a bit to make another one using the concepts I had taught them.


I just can't describe that feeling.

I have been typing for ages and I need to shoot another Back to Basics video.

Enjoy the rest of your day


Naomi x

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