Monday, 5 May 2014

Purple Hooded Onesie Crafting

Yes today I will be wearing the purple hooded onesie.  Very comfy to wear and not too warm.

I'm feeling a bit ambitious today.  I'm hoping to make a back to basics video and a step by step tutorial for a new layout.  Why is this ambitious?  Well my 8 year old talks to himself non stop (he is autistic) so getting enough quiet time to make a video when he is home may be near impossible.  Love him to bits, but he even talks in his sleep sometimes so there is no guarantee of quiet even then lol

I have a "sort of" idea for the layout, so it will be made up as I go along.  The basic concept has been in my head since yesterday, so now I just need to get it out.  I'm going to be working with pastel colours.  Not normally my cup of tea, but I am trying to expand on what I can do.  Step out of my comfort zone so to speak.

At some point today I need to do some die cutting.  I got a massive bargain in the Sizzix sale.  I bought 5 dies for just under £20 including P&P and saved £60.  I need to cut some for myself and I promised a friend that I would send her some die cuts as well.

I'm off to start working out what I will need for the B2B video.  Have a good day.


Naomi x

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