Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Family run

Over the years I have been lucky enough to witness the birth of a number of new businesses. Some have thrived and are still going great and unfortunately some have fallen along the way.

Rant warning here

Large chain stores and supermarkets have been the death of a lot of family run businesses.  They jump on what's popular and sell it at a fraction of the price.  Great for our pockets, but that puts the family run businesses out of pocket and out of business.  We need to watch the pennies, but I think we need to support family run businesses too.

Rant over

So, with that said I would like to give a shout out to three businesses.

Verbo Computers  I have had the good fortune to know the family behind this company for many years now. They offer excellent customer service and their work is second to none.  Chris has had many years in the industry and really knows his stuff.  His rates are competitive and I would highly recommend him.

Fernli Designs  Spend more than two minutes on my blog and you will already know how much I love their products.  The quality is very high and their prices very competitive.  Delivery time is always good and they care about what they are sending out.

Hope and Chances Creativity is a local craft shop that I visited for the first time today.  They are much needed I can tell you as we have to travel for miles to get to another craft shop.  It's not the biggest shop you will ever find, but it is warm and friendly and the excellent customer service from the owner means that I will be going back again and again.

Individual family run businesses bring some thing new to the market in my opinion.  The business really matters to them so they put the extra effort in.  Support your local family run businesses by recommending them to people you know.  Spend a little extra when you can and buy from them instead of ebay.  If we don't use them we lose them because they need to eat the same way we do.

Back to crafting on my next post I promise, but I really do prefer to have a high street full of individuals rather than a bunch of corporate companies who don't really care about their product, just the pennies.


Naomi x

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