Saturday, 9 August 2014

A whole lot of new

I have a whole lot of new going on right now.

I have a new, adventurous (for me) design team make for Fernli Designs that I am working on that is inspired by this

This will be the center piece of what I am making.  This project will have moving parts, but having spent 3 days drawing things out on graph paper and making adjustments, I think I am ready to start making now.

Another new thing in the pipe works is a new potential business.  It will just be something small, but who knows what it could build up into.  I'm doing this with a good friend with a lot of talent, so I am crossing everything that this works for us.  more on this later as we are still in the planning stages.

This weekend I am setting up new challenges to run in Crafters @ Play.  The challenge sponsored by Fernli Designs had a great response so I am considering doing another event with a prize soon.  The lovely Heather Bee who handles the scrapbooking side of things in the group already offers a great kit for the winner of the scrapbook challenge each month.

My last new thing is a layout I am working on.  I plan to use a large piece of lace on this one as I can't find the right paper to do what I want. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

I'm off to craft for a bit and then for a look on Pinterest.  Catch up with you all soon


Naomi x


  1. So looking forward to seeing what you are building and congrats on the new enterprise, everything crossed here for you both xx

  2. Oh how exciting, can't wait to see what u making :))