Monday, 25 August 2014

Starting to take shape

My project is really starting to take shape now.  The making has been slow going because I keep second guessing myself.  I'm really pleased with it though.

I've put most of the spacers in place.  The ones at the front are to keep the front panel in place.  The ones on the top will help support the next layer.  The front panel and the topmost panel are not glued down yet as I still have more work to do on both before they with be ready to stay put.

 This is how it looks with the next layer and the front panel on.

I'm still working out positioning at the moment and I'm still deciding on colours (I keep changing my mind).  I still have another layer to work on, the drawers and the side panels.

I'm excited.  I think the hardest part is done now.  I just hope the top works as planned.

Housework is calling me.  Hopefully I can get back to this again later today.



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