Monday, 28 April 2014

Out of my comfort zone

My Aunt has asked me to make some stock for her to sell at her church.  I wont lie, I am very nervous.  Previously, they have bough some of my crafts, but that was left over stock from craft fairs and this will be different.  This time I will be making samples and the whole line I will be making is very Christian.

Why is this out of my comfort zone? I'm not at all religious.  I respect people who are and I have seen their faith get many people through bad times, but I have never connected with one.  I am spiritual, just in my own way.  Any way. I now need to put bible scripture on my makes and I'm scared to do something wrong.  Going to give it a good try though.

The second thing out of my comfort zone is that I have decided to apply for a Design team.  I love their products.  I'm scared witless, but I will kick myself if I don't at least apply.

Changing the subject.  Hi, My name is Naomi and I am addicted to canvas.

I am so in love with my latest make.  I'm already planning the next one and this one still needs the flowers attaching to it and maybe some stick pins.

This is just a tiny peak at the one I showed you yesterday. I can show it off all I want on Thursday once the event goes live on CFG Scrappers  :~D

I can't get enough of hessian and leather together so I need to play some more and buy more canvases to cover.  I bought some more jute ribbon to play with today and I haven't decided if I will use it to make jute flowers or as trim.  I bought 4 lengths so I can do both.

I had better go make lunch.


Naomi x

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  1. oooooo make jute flowers just for the sake of it ... they are sooooo gorgeous : ) Good luck with the religion thing .... scares the life out of me too lol xxx

    Tina xxx