Sunday, 27 April 2014

Story behind the name

I was asked why I called my blog "Crafting in my onesie"

I like to be comfortable.  If I know I am not leaving home, I get up get washed and put on a clean pair of PJs or a onesie.  Love my onesies :)  People that know me well enough to turn up un-announced are used to me in my PJ's now.

If I know we have the type of visitors coming over that require real clothes I get dressed lol.

I love crafting in my onesie/PJ's because they are so comfortable, especially in winter.  Just roll up my sleeves and play.  I try not to get paint and glue on them, but if it happens it is not the end of the world.

Today I am wearing pink and black PJ's.  They are made out of that really soft fleecy material that they make dressing gowns out of.  So soft and comfy it's like a hug :)

What do you all wear to craft?

I'm off to do some housework now so that I can get back to playing with my canvas.


Naomi x


  1. i wear a pinny which bears the scars of ink,paints and glossy accents!

    1. I keep saying I will buy an apron. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but I can guarantee you that it will get altered/decorated :D

  2. I'm the same as you Ny ... I get up, shower and put on my 'day' pi's lol .... I love to be comfy and sitting in a wheelchair all the time everything spreads sideways ....(seeeeeee I'm not fat really ) so comfort is a must .... BUT I HATE onesie's ... sorry ... I hang my head in shame : (

    Tina xxx

    1. Onesies are great until you need the loo and then they are a pain. They are like a full body hug :D