Friday, 23 May 2014


I have been working on my suitcase and I wanted to update you on where I am.  I have now built the carcass using 2mm thick chipboard/Greyboard.

My original idea was to use the two ovals of Tim Holtz grunge paper that you see in the picture above, but they don't hold the top on sturdy enough because they are too small, so onto plan B.

I did a quick trip to town this morning to buy wellies for my youngest and I picked up a pair of 1.5" Butt Hinges in Wilkinsons for 49p each. I went for the brass coloured ones as they will work best with the papers I plan to use.

I will be making a video tutorial for this at some stage as I plan to make more of these if all goes to plan.

I'm off to sort out the holes for my hinges and work out the handle.  If all goes to plan I can start to cover it with paper today and I will be able to give you another update.


Naomi x

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