Sunday, 25 May 2014


Those of you that are following my blog will know that I have been working on a suitcase that was inspired by a lady who belongs to a group I am in on Facebook. There is a link to her blog in my post called "On it's hols"

In this post I would like to show you my progress so far.

I made the handle myself from faux leather.  The project changed part way through or I would have put a black handle on, but I still love it.

The wooden topper I have created is made of  two sizes of Heart of Hearts and a Heart 3" from Fernli Designs

I covered the inside in a brown swirly paper to finish it off.  The piece that sticks up at the front is to make sure that the top is kept stable.  The hinges are good, but I wanted to be sure.

I'm really pleased with it so far, but it still needs decorating and feet to finish it off.  I already have ideas for another one.

Feel free to make suggestions.


Naomi x


  1. this is gorgeous. i love it :)

  2. Very nice :) can't wait to see the next :)

    1. Thank you. I am putting it away for a bit till I get the other things I want for it like some black flowers and diamonte swirls

  3. Gorjuss :-D I love it and I will definitely be making one of these xx

    1. I'm putting it away for now. Once I catch up on the things I want to make (your cabinet and drawers) I will make the mini to go in it.