Saturday, 5 July 2014


A new card challenge went live today on Crafters @ Play  The challenge is to makes a card that involves some acetate.

I haven't worked much with acetate recently but I used to really enjoy working with it.  My favourite was the flittered acetate by Kanban.  I'm hoping that now they are up and running again, that they will start to make it again.

I created my own aperture and over layed with flittered acetate 

 This card is a little different

I gave these out as stocking fillers a few years ago.

There is so much that can be one with acetate.  I've only scratched the surface.

Well I'm off to look up more ways to use acetate on Pinterest.


Naomi x

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  1. i've got some acetate somewhere......;) love the card and the box, very clever.