Sunday, 10 August 2014

A different way


Yesterday I told you a little bit about what I have going on.  Well I hinted at stuff.  My friend Tina said I was a tease and in this case she was right.

Now normally I try to keep my design team project a secret until it is finished, but this one is a big one for me and more adventurous than my normal makes, so this time I am going to do things a different way.

I will do posts as I go along and show pictures.  I have already worked out the design and have a good idea in my head of how this will look.

I wont be putting up measurements as this is not a tutorial and I wont know if it will work or not until everything is in place.

I'm going to be using some of these

and some of these

and this

Which is actually four pieces that I will be sticking together.

I'm also going to be using a whole lot of chipboard.

Basically I will explode if I can't talk about this and get some comments along the way.  So feel free to ask questions and make comments as I go.  The design is pretty much locked in, but as with most things I make, it will probably get tweaked some where along the way.

All of the pieces above can be found at Fernli Designs.  They sell brilliant cogs, which I have and use, but the ones shown above have been special cut for this project.  Thank you G x

I'm off to start cutting chipboard.  I'll put up an update as soon as I can so that you can see how things are progressing, but this project will probably take me a week or two as it is the school hols and I have my son to keep entertained.


Naomi x

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  1. Looking forward to it and to be perfectly honest, can't flipping wait (I know I have to though) xx